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Your source for sports photography in
Northern Virginia!

Established in 2018 and based in Alexandria, SGJ Photos is dedicated to capturing and preserving your epic sports achievements, whether it's your first t-ball game or a state championship final. We photograph all levels of youth sport, from the youngest players just starting out, through high school and beyond.

Explore below to find out more about us, our recent work, and how we can work together to create lasting memories for you.

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Hi! I'm Susan (or "SGJ").

I've been photographing youth sports ever since my son, Soren, was a wee kindergartener on his very first soccer team. (He's now a sophomore in high school!)

Sports photography is its own special kind of awesome. There is something magical about stopping the action on the field or the court, preserving moments that happen quite literally in the blink of an eye. I absolutely love being able to capture these moments for athletes and their families.

I also love that Soren has become my shooting partner. It is a ton of fun going to games together, and he is a very talented photographer in his own right! 

See you on the sidelines. :)

Meet the Photographers

Q: Soren, what would you say is your favorite sport to photograph?
A: Well, the angles are probably the most limited on volleyball, but I love the atmosphere. Football is great and also has a great atmosphere, except the light is so bad by the end of the game. Soccer... honestly, I'd rather be out on the field playing it than photographing from the sideline. I only got to shoot a couple of field hockey games, and the sport itself is still kind of confusing to me, but that was fun too.

Q: So, what you're saying is, you refuse to pick a favorite? ;)
A: Yep! It's all fun to me.

Q: What are some of the things you particularly enjoy about this job?
A:  I like the opportunity to enjoy my favorite sports in a new way and to develop a new appreciation for sports I was less familiar with. Photographing a game is different than just watching it. You feel more involved, and you notice details you might not otherwise catch if you were just passively watching. I'm very thankful for my widened perspective, and I have photography to thank for all of it. 

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