All sessions include unlimited outfit changes, an optional family group photo, and at least one “showcase image” that goes beyond the ordinary. A “showcase image” might be a sports action portrait or might involve colored strobes, green screen composites, long exposures, or silhouettes, just to name a few options. All sessions also include a consultation beforehand so we can get to know each other and do some brainstorming about what you would like to create. Want to bring a pet or your BFF along for a few of your photos? They’re welcome, too (location permitting, in the case of pets)!

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Senior portrait sessions are all about celebrating you -- your personality, your interests, your accomplishments. What do you love? What are you proud of? What defines you at this point in your life? If you’re an athlete, let’s create an epic action portrait worthy of the cover of Sports Illustrated. If you’re a musician, let’s build an image that celebrates and reflects your hours of dedication and practice. If you’re an artist, an actor, a gamer, a bookworm -- whatever your passion, let’s bring it front and center and make it shine.

Congratulations! You made it. Your high school years are drawing to a close, and the next chapter of your life is about to begin! 

Senior Portraits