Instead of paying for coverage per-game, you can now purchase a season pass that will include a private gallery of your images from multiple games/meets/matches. Parents, this is a fantastic way to commemorate your player's high school season!

Season PaSS

Sounds pretty great! How can I sign up?
You can register at this link
(Signup periods are limited to the first month of a new season.)

What's included?
Full-resolution digital images from as many games/meets/matches as our schedule allows (we promise a minimum of 3, but we do our best to make it to as many as possible)


How much does it cost?
Single season: $120
Two-season: $220
Full year: $300
(A la carte full-res images are regularly $6 each, so this pass gets you 45+ photos for the cost of 20!)

How many photos will I get?
Generally we tend to get at least 15-20 photos per game of each dedicated coverage player. We always do our best to capture not only the action of the sport but also the candid moments with your teammates, because those can be some of the most important memories! (Also, if we see you on the sidelines at your friends' games, we'll include those images, too.)