Looking for a unique keepsake for your player or coach? I offer custom trading cards, posters, and photo books -- all great ways to commemorate an excellent season! I have also heard from many grandparents who were thrilled to receive albums or other photo gifts for the holidays.  

End-of-season gifts

- Prints
- Photo albums
- Custom trading cards
- Other photo gifts (magnets, mugs, keychains, etc.)

Available for additional purchase

You will get access to full resolution digital downloads of your athlete's images, unwatermarked and yours to print and share freely! No need to hunt through the whole game looking for your player -- all galleries are personalized, so your athlete is always front and center. The gallery link will be delivered right to your phone and email.

What's included

You can pre-register your player for one of the games on my schedule, or you can email me if you would like me to add your game. The individual rate is $35 per player, and I focus exclusively on a limited number of prepaid players per game (maximum 5). Multi-game discounts are available - check out the Season Pass option for high school athletes, or email me to inquire about discounts for rec and travel players.

How it works

Cell phone cameras are great for a lot of things, but when it comes to capturing those split-second moments on the court or the field, they just don't get the job done. However, I have both the gear and the experience to get fantastic action photos of your athlete, so you can sit back, relax, and watch the game. 

Sports Photography

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How many photos will I get?
That depends on several factors (examples include playing time, weather, lighting conditions, and my level of access to the field/court) and can vary widely! I do promise a minimum of 20, however.

My child isn't the most active out on the field/court. Should I bother paying for action photos?
I have been on the sidelines at a lot of games, and it's been my experience that there are always moments to capture. If your child is out there having fun, that enjoyment will shine through, even if they aren't scoring the most points.

What if the whole team wants photos? 
The reason I like to limit my coverage to 5 athletes per game is that I can provide more photos to each individual player that way. However, I'm willing to offer full team coverage, at a discounted price per player, if everyone on the team signs up (and is okay with not receiving 20 photos each). Send me an email if that's something you're looking for, and we can work something out!

I don't see my child's game/sport on your schedule. How can we get photos?
Let me know! If I have availability that day, I am happy to add your game.

Frequently asked questions